“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”

- Oliver Wendel Homes


A tailor made safari experience that is privately guided and chartered and incorporates all aspects of what the best of Africa has to offer. These adventures are a combination of luxury safari lodges, private aircrafts and private safari guides, all topped off with immersive conservation experiences


With a Purpose

Travelling with a purpose and making a difference while doing so is an incredibly powerful feeling. Going on a safari is life changing but going on one where you can actively participate and understand what is happening in conservation and the amazing areas that you are visiting is even better. Luxury safari travel is of course part and parcel of what a magical safari is all about, but in choosing the right products and destinations, we combine this so that you are not only having the experience of your life with your family, partner or friends, but you are making a difference.

Conserv.travel incorporates all the elements of the Conserv.group. We custom design privately chartered and guided luxury safaris to all the incredible destinations in Africa, all the while focusing on what we can do with you as the guests,  whether it is hands on conservation or being a part of a project that has a higher cause. Our private safari guides and local experts have travelled the planet and know what an experience is all about. Immersing yourself in the natural world and guiding you through each experience so that you get that joyous feeling deep within your soul,  so you feel connected and content, a part of something! Whether it be on a nature walk, a safari drive, or yoga in the middle of the African bush, this will be curated and made possible by all the best individuals. Oh, and all the magical conservation hands on projects that you will be involved in will just top that off…  and one more thing, there is  of course the beauty and luxury of the phenomenal lodges to enjoy.

Travel with a purpose, then leave with one…