“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

- Carl Sagan


The Conserv.life mission is to create a life changing experience for the future leaders of our planet so that they can broaden their own idea of how big and wonderful this world is.



Every natural being on this planet starts life as a miracle. That miracle grows, learns and adapts to what its surroundings are and how it is coded to live. We as humans are probably the most adaptive as we have guidance and intelligence. However, this can either be very positive or negative, depending on the environment around us. It is well documented that all life thrives in a natural environment and that nature has such an overwhelming influence on how we as humans grow and understand life itself. What is happiness, joy and fulfillment? Questions that every young adult on the planet is trying to figure out. In today’s modern world, this is even harder. Social media, the pace and pressures of society and the unwavering peer pressure on young adolescents is higher than ever. The future leaders of our world have a need to understand what the power of the natural world has to offer. The healing and nurturing it provides can help guide and shape a young life into a happy and fulfilled one.

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Through the incredible power of nature, we will walk each child and young adult to a path to awaken all that is good and positive in themselves, and consequently show them the power they have to do good. This will make them not only better individuals but send them back into the world armed with knowledge, passion, empathy and kindness.

It is truly a life changing journey.